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Criminal Justice Reform & more: WJCC Dems 2/18 meeting

Our February meeting featured two speakers on criminal justice reform.

Dale Brumfield of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty gave an update on repeal of the death penalty in the 2021 General Assembly session. Virginia has executed more people than any other state–almost 1400–starting in 1608. Dale described the 30-year history of uphill efforts to abolish the death penalty in Virginia, culminating in passage of repeal bills in both bodies of the Virginia legislature. After differences in the language of the two bills are reconciled, Governor Northam is expected to sign the repeal bill in early March. What accounts for victory this year? Dale pointed to unprecedented constituent pressure, resulting from last summer’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and to leadership from Gov. Ralph Northam and legislators like Mike Mullin, who carried the House repeal bill. Virginia will be the 23rd state to abolish the death penalty, and the first state of the former Confederacy to do so. 

Jess Sapalio of the WJCC Coalition for […]

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Equity in Education & more: WJCC Dems 1/21 Meeting

Speakers from The Village Initiative for Equity in Education (Jackie Bridgeforth Williams, Jennifer Bickham Mendez, Leah Kuragano, and Philip Canady) presented The Village Equity Report 2020. The Report focuses on the longstanding inequities in the WJCC schools, which have intensified during the pandemic, and proposes concrete, evidence-based solutions. Their presentation sparked lively conversation about inequities in opportunities for students and in funding across WJCC schools as well as the School Board’s relationship with the Board of Supervisors and City Council.

We also discussed how WJCC residents can get involved to advance the cause of equity. Whether you’re a parent or not, participate in School Board meetings to make your views known. A work session will be held on Feb 2 and a regular meeting on Feb 16. You can also advocate for equity by sending an email or leaving a voicemail (no more than 90 seconds at 757-603-6481) with the School Board. We thank The Village for providing a script you can personalize. Last but not […]

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Join Neighbors United for Change

Give some thought to joining NEIGHBORS UNITED FOR CHANGE. Organizing at the neighborhood level helps us recruit volunteers and communicate about important issues neighbor-to-neighbor and friend-to-friend. Want to organize an interest group you’re involved with, or a group of your friends? That works too. Or if you’re already a part of an existing neighborhood group, we’d love to work with you.

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Our 2020 goals

We face extraordinary challenges in this year of pandemic.

Despite the difficulties we face, we will work to make our community and our committee more equitable, more effective and more unified.

These are our goals:

  • Increase activism
  • Raise funds to support candidates and our committee
  • Support Democratic candidates in 2020
  • Address community needs and concerns
  • Reinforce unity among Democrats and those who share our core beliefs.

Read more here.


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