Our Executive Board

Jen Tierney, Chair

Jen’s a professional political consultant, working in more than 75 campaigns, many in California, developing direct mail, producing radio and TV, managing staff and budgets and developing strategy. She works with Monty Mason, Mike Mullin, Jim Icenhour and John McGlennon in their campaigns here.

Stacy Kern-Scheerer, 1st Vice Chair, Williamsburg

Stacy is a lawyer whose passions are health policy and immigration work. As a professor at William and Mary Law School she founded the Immigration Clinic, where she and her students help clients thread their way through a profoundly broken and confusing immigration system. Previously she spent a nearly a decade on Capitol Hill as an attorney responsible for drafting health care legislation, including parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Christine Payne, 1st Vice Chair, James City County

Christine’s a nurse with an MBA in Healthcare who volunteers with Moms Demand Action and has served as staging location director for the Virginia Coordinated Campaign the past three years. A tireless lobbyist for progressive causes, she successfully completed the 2019 Political Leaders Program at Sorenson Institute.

Camilla Buchanan, 2nd Vice Chair, Campaigns

Camilla and her partner Deb Hill have been Democratic campaign stalwarts here for many years. Camilla is an avid cyclist, retired OB/GYN and teaches at William and Mary’s department of kinesiology. She’s a board member at Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center and a director of an education/community health organization in Kenya.

MK Sizemore, 2nd Vice Chair, Media/Communications

MK brings her experience in community newspapers and film/multimedia to keeping WJCC Dems informed and motivated. She helps coordinate progressive groups in shared ads and campaigns during elections, marches, rallies and more. She was canvass captain for the Virginia Coordinated campaign in 2017 and 2019.

Ginny Wertman, 2nd Vice Chair, Membership/Outreach

Ginny’s experience in data wrangling has paid off big dividends for the committee. Her passion for accurate, timely, and accessible data developed over a 40 year career in data management and technology. As the Postcard Queen, Gin has wrangled thousands of postcards handwritten by volunteers to voters.

Steve Griesinger, 2nd Vice Chair, Hospitality and Events

Steve brings 40 years of experience in restaurant and bar ownership to creating events that bring Democrats together. He organizes and cooks for annual Dems picnics for over 100 people. Even more important, he leads efforts to staff polls in Stonehouse District, an area where the Dems had previously not staffed polling places.

Gerald Mitchell, Secretary

Gerald’s run for Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff in 2019 earned him a solid second-place finish and, we hope, will encourage him to run again for office. He’s a Navy veteran with extensive experience in law enforcement, anti-terrorism and tactical response. He now specializes in investigation and fraud investigation. He is an enthusiastic supporter of veterans causes.

Jim Icenhour, Treasurer

Jim brings signs, puts up tents, canvasses door to door and works tirelessly for Dems in James City County. A retired Air Force officer and retired Delta Airlines captain, he is chairman of the James City County Board of Supervisors. He served 2006-13 before his district was redrawn. Undaunted, he knocked every door in his new district, and won in 2017 by a substantial margin.

Documents: by-laws, goals, party plan and more

Our mission statement

The mission of the Williamsburg-James City County (WJCC) Democrats is to promote Democratic values and ideals of equality, inclusion, and social justice by increasing the number of Democrats elected to all levels of government, engaging members of the WJCC community, and supporting grassroots efforts that embody Democratic principles.

Our 2021 goals

WJCC Democrats are redoubling our commitment to increasing membership and outreach, expanding our community presence, fundraising for our committee and candidates, supporting our 2021 candidates, educating ourselves and acting on issues of community concern, and promoting unity among Democrats and those who share our core beliefs.

Read the entire document here, including specifics about how we plan to meet our goals. You can also read about our core beliefs here.

Bylaws of the Williamsburg-James City County Democrats

Learn about our rules and procedures here.

Virginia Democratic Party Plan

We operate under the rules and standards of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Read the Party Plan here.